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Financial Reporting and Analysis Solution

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visualrevenue is a financial Performance Management software that measures Key Performance Indicators, cash flow analysis, financial reporting and gives specialists insight into the financial health and performance effectiveness of their organisation.

By visually representing the financial KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) by which an organisation conducts best practice Performance Management and measurement – such as cash flow analysis, forecasting, debtors, creditors, and profit measures – true finance analysis can be achieved, and business success maximised.

visualrevenue delivers an integrated view of financial performance through financial KPI’s combining data from across the organisation; General Ledger, financial budgeting and other associated applications. This financial Performance Management software is delivered through a combination of dashboard, exception-highlighting, and alerts which enable real-time finance analysis allowing rapid response to business critical situations.



visualrevenue enables financial specialists responsible for managing the direction and health of the business to benefit by allowing them to find quick and accurate answers, ensuring that:

  • Spending proactively controlled by tracking proportional cost element movements
  • Cost trends are highlighted and can indicate areas that need attention
  • Transaction details are immediately available to indicate factors driving variance
  • Financial reporting is a fast and accurate output from the analytical application
  • Exception reporting reduces time to analyse data
  • Production of multi-dimensional financial statements
  • Analysis of which customers are responsible for the highest level of debt
  • Data can be represented graphically or in a tabular format

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