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Capital Contract Performance Analysis Solution

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visualcontract is a Business Intelligence solution developed for capital contracts analysis and profit and loss analysis in the Utilities, Construction and Engineering sector.

It presents graphically and visually the financial Key Performance Indicators (financial KPI’s) by which multi-threaded, geographically spread capital contracts can be managed effectively and profitably. Such Capital Contracts KPI’s include Sales, various Direct Costs, Purchases, Sub contract costs, and the costs of Waste, Plant, Fuel and Communications amongst others, allowing for real time profit & loss analysis.



Some of the benefits of visualcontract include:

  • Information Integrity – Data is checked & validated during the process of loading into a Data Warehouse, therefore reducing the need for manual manipulation.
  • Relevance of Information – Information is now focused on the precise need of the end user, therefore Divisional Controllers take a high level summary view with the ability to drill down, whereas Contract Managers get reports at contract level and are able to perform detailed analysis.
  • Independence of Users – Availability of information to all users at the same time allows decision makers to re-act quickly to any business issue.
  • Ease of Use – Interactive reporting allows users to independently manage their own custom built analysis reporting.
  • System Automation – Through automating the supply of informational from operational applications to final business reporting allows a fast, reliable and robust means of managing the business.
  • System Scalability – The flexibility of the solution allows for ease of switching from legacy applications and growth within the business.

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