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Control & Exploit Mobile Devices with SAP Afaria & Sybase

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As the adoption and diversity of mobile devices used for day-to-day business continues to sore exponentially, many organisations are struggling to both control their use – particularly where the device is employee owned – and exploit their potential as the employees’ preferred method for consuming information and interacting with transactional systems.

Embracing mobile device working will separate those progressive organisations from their competitors, as they drive enhanced operational efficiency and exert control over their mobile assets. Is your organisation embracing this change? Ask yourself, does our policy and IT infrastructure enable us to:

  • Ensure data control: encryption, back-up & security and delivery of the information employees need to make informed decisions?
  • Control device capabilities: and ensure they are correctly and cost effectively commissioned, updated & maintained and decommissioned?
  • Manage the use of employee owned devices: (BYOD)?
  • Control devices with different operating systems: Apple, Blackberry, Windows?
  • Design and develop mobile apps: that enable employees to interact with operational applications, web services and databases?


The visualconnect mobile device management solution combines SAP Afaria and Sybase Unwired Platform, with our DRIVE project delivery methodology which ensures the successful de-risked scoping, design, implementation, training and support of a best-practice mobile device management solution aligned to an organisation’s individual requirements. The result is the rapid delivery of the most capable and proven mobile device management and application development platform, enabling your organisation to:

  • Control your mobile assets, and those of your employees, across multiple platforms
  • Drive down the cost of device ownership, maintenance and provision
  • Ensure your data is protected, and remove risk and liability


  • Enhance productivity through streamlined information delivery
  • Swiftly develop mobile apps that integrate with your data assets, and automatically deliver those apps to mobile devices

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