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Measuring Call Centre KPI's

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visualaffinity is a business process management call centre software giving contact centre operations and general business managers insight into the effectiveness of their organisations by monitoring their key performance indicators.

This is achieved through a suite of Business Intelligence applications integrated with the multi-media ACD, CRM, financial and other operational systems. The application is delivered using an innovative dashboard, exception-based highlighting, and alerts which give real-time response to business critical situations enabling better business performance management.



The ability to answer the following questions, in real time:

  • What is my average speed to answer in the contact centre against plan?
  • What is my “One and Done” rate by agent and agent group?
  • How profitable are my sales campaigns by region or time?
  • How have we performed on service level by product, agent and agent group?
  • How does product or contract margin impact on the overall financial performance?
  • How do support service revenues impact on the overall financial performance?


Avaya’s UK Consulting and Services organisation are seeing a significant increase in our call center customers’ need for more robust BI. The good news is the information is generally there for them via Avaya’s solutions. The challenge has been charting a successful way to deliver that BI. The great news: visualmetrics has delivered the professionalism and consistency to make these BI needs a reality.

Bret Lathrop , Avaya Global Services

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