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Project Scoping Tool

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  • Devise Strategic Goals
  • Map to Targets & Measures
  • Monitor Fulfilment Through KPIs
  • Deliver Business Direction Consensus

Leadership is shaped from many qualities, but chief among them is the ability to chart a course where vision, strategy, tactics and resources come into alignment. Upon these foundations are built the success of all great enterprises. Aligning a company’s Performance Management vision with its strategic goals is a critical business and IT imperative, one which can grow a good organisation into a great one.

visualchart, falling under the Discovery part of our project methodology DRIVE, is a consulting service which deploys methods, tools and practices so Leadership can understand how Business Strategy is supported and driven by Performance Management. This is our best-practice first stage of customer interactions and allows us to fully understand and deliver customer requirements effectively.

The approach is sponsored at an Executive level, and contributors come from executive management, and operational staff who will influence the shape of the Performance Management strategy. Taking the form of executive workshops, facilitated by visualmetrics, its output is a cohesive vision and road map which will guide the ultimate delivery of the Performance Management solution.

The outline strategic chart enables executives to ensure effective investment and control in directing Performance Management projects, ensuring consistency with IT strategy and leveraging customer, financial and operational value in the short and medium term.

visualchart process map – How it works?



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